Follow your favorite RSS feeds with FeedFlow, a minimalistic and opinionated RSS Reader for Android, iOS, and macOS.


Just a list.

All you need is a de-cluttered list. Every article opens in the browser of your choice. No more half-available content, multiple clicks to read something. Just focus on reading (or scrolling)!

Quickly import your existing RSS feeds collection

Focus on reading.

Enjoy full control - open articles in your favourite privacy-focused browser and keep your reading experience separated from your main browser.

  • Import your existing collection with one click.

  • Use your favourite browser

  • Built with Compose, SwiftUI, Kotlin Multiplatform


Minimal and clean UI

Frequently asked questions

The majority of websites with an RSS feed don't share the article's content because they want you to go on their website. For this reason, FeedFlow always opens the original website, but you can choose the browser that you want. For example, you can open an article on DuckDuckGo or Firefox Focus with all the trackers disabled and then just kill all the navigation data. In this way, the reading experience is separated from your main browser instance.
In the app, you can import the OPML file for your RSS collection. You can easily generate that from your current RSS reader.
Yes! There are no trackers or analytics. Only anonymized crashes and error reports are collected, to help me improve the parsing mechanism.